It’s no secret that the characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones love to drink, but the Westerosi mostly drink wine. My question is, what modern day liquor or beer would these noble houses drink or create? I have tried to find types of alcohol that fit the characteristics of the families or the regions they are from. I am hoping to address other families and groups like the Tullys, Arryns, Dothraki, Wildings, White Walkers, and any others I can get to.



Baratheon Bourbon: “Ours is the Fury.” Strong words from a strong family. This oaky whiskey felt like a good fit for the battlin’ Baratheons, something Robert could swig before swinging his warhammer in battle.




Greyjoy Ironborn Black Rum: The seafaring Iron Islanders do not sow, and this spicy, dark rum is perfect for long trips at sea.




Targaryen Fire and Blood Cinnamon Whisky: The blood of Old Valyria runs in the veins of the Targaryen family, and they harnessed the power of dragons for centuries. Although there hasn’t been a dragon in Westeros for many years, they drink this fiery liquor to keep the flame burning.




Stark Winterfell Stout: Winter is coming. Far in the north, the Stark family needs a beverage to keep them warm in the long winters. This dark, rich brew is perfect for those cold northern nights.




Martell Tequila: In the dry Dornish plains, spice is king. Although they drink a fiery red wine in the books, I thought a tequila would complement the spicy dishes of the area.




Lannister Gold Champagne: All the gold in Casterly Rock couldn’t buy you a finer champagne.



Tyrell Sauvignon Blanc: The ruling family in Highgarden, one of the most fertile regions in the realm, would of course produce an outstanding wine. This is of course a fine vintage.

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